Top 10 worst food stains and how you can remove them

It seems to be part of Murphy’s Law; once you’ve purchased expensive jeans or custom t shirts, you get stains the first time you wear them. Stained clothing is never a good experience but, luckily, there are easy methods to remove most common stains.

Blood: Immediately rinse in cool or room temperature water. Avoid hot water as this will set the stain. If possible, submerge in water and detergent for 10 to 15 minutes. Use an enzyme cleaner or hydrogen peroxide. Be aware that peroxide may bleach some fabrics.

Sweat: Rinse the stain in cool water. Spot clean with an enzyme cleaner or soak in pure white vinegar for 15 – 30 minutes. Launder as normal. If the fabric is natural, letting it dry in the sun may also help remove sweat stains.

Tomato Sauce or Ketchup: Remove excess sauce with a spoon or knife. Gently dab detergent onto the stain. Turn the clothing inside out and rinse from behind so as not to push it further into the fabric. Launder as normal.

Red Wine: Apply warm water immediately. Apply salt and allow to sit. Rinse salt, gently dab detergent onto the stain, blot area with paper towel, rinse again and launder as normal.

Mud: Remove excess mud or dirt. Soak and shake in room temperature water. Apply detergent and soak in clean water for 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Treat stains with bleach if possible.

Engine or Machine Oil: Dab with paper towel to remove excess oil. Cover spot with dish detergent (grease fighting detergent works best). Word detergent into stain and rinse with water or white vinegar. Launder separately.

Coffee or Tea: Wet a paper towel with cold water and gently blot stain. Turn clothing inside out and rinse from the back with cold water and wring out. Apply enzyme cleaner or detergent to stain and let sit for a minute. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and launder as normal.

Cooking Oil: Dab with paper towel to remove excess oil. Apply dish detergent to area and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Launder in the hottest water allowable for the fabric. Repeat as necessary to remove stain.

Grass: Pour detergent onto stain and massage in. Let sit for 15 minutes and launder as normal.

Urine: Rinse in cool water. Soak and agitate item in cool water with detergent. Drain and soak again for 30 minutes. Launder immediately as normal.

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Top 10 most visited food blogs on the Web

There are 10 top food bloggers who understand how to prepare summer dishes. They are food experts who pack a lot of flavor on one plate.

Adventures In Cooking Blog

The Adventures In Cooking blog features an apricot recipe that contains salted caramel.

Half Baked Harvest Blog

This blog has dishes that feature various summertime treats, such as a corn and cherry salad that is served with a caramelized peach and buckwheat and basil crepes. A very classy and fresh watermelon cake is also found on the blog.

The Clever Carrot Blog

The Clever Carrot has a recipe for a grilled pork tenderloin covered with sweet onions and a peach vinaigrette.

The Earthen Table Blog

The Earthen Table features refreshing recipes, such as a peanut butter ice cream that is made with whole milk ganache.

Local Milk Blog

Various images and great recipes ideas are available at Local Milk. Many of the dishes can be served throughout the summer.

The First Mess Blog

First Mess features unique summertime recipes, such as a peaches that are served with zucchini spaghetti.

In This Kitchen Blog

The blogger at In This Kitchen teaches people how to turn watermelon into a delicious beverage.

Edible Perspective Blog

Visitors who visit the Edible Perspective learn how to make veggie sandwiches that are nutritious and delicious.

My Blue & While Kitchen Blog

This blog has several summer recipes and recipes for other seasons. Many of the summer dishes feature summertime produce.

Food Network Blog

The Food Network blog is one of the most visited blogs because it is operated by industry professionals. They teach casual cooks the benefits of using certain food, such as berries.

Strawberries have three grams of fiber, 50 calories, and plenty of vitamin C. They are also a good source of folate and potassium. According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, strawberries rank third out of more than 1,000 antioxidant foods. In addition, the anthocyanins in strawberries protect the blood vessels and nervous system.

Each of these successful blogs use web marketing services for website creation, SEO, paid positioning, and content marketing.

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5 ideas to renovate a small kitchen

Real estate experts advice that one of the easiest way to increase the value of your property is through a kitchen remodel. One of the advantages of renovating a small kitchen is that it does not have to cost a lot of money. You can remodel a small kitchen on a budget without breaking the proverbial bank.

1. “New” Cabinets
Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be one of the most expensive kitchen renovations tasks. However, you can save significant amounts of money by re-facing kitchen cabinets yourself. There are two methods used to reface kitchen cabinets:
1. Painting

2. Staining

Whichever option you choose, make sure the cabinets are degreased before applying stain or paint. You can dramatically update the look of your kitchen by replacing old hardware without spending significant amounts of money.

2. New Flooring
Bring warmth to your kitchen by installing wood or laminate wood flooring. These types of flooring are tongue-and-groove constructions, which makes them easy to install. Another type of flooring that you can install in your kitchen is the peel-and-stick laminate flooring. While this type of flooring is easy to install, it is not as durable as tile or wood. You can save on labor by installing new flooring on your kitchen if you are just a little bit handy. While laying tile flooring can be a relatively simple task, it is time consuming and requires you to set aside at least three days to install the tiles.

3. Countertops
Countertops can markedly improve the look of a small kitchen. Installing new countertops can be a huge expense, but countertops are great as return investments if you can afford them. Granite is one of the trendiest, but expensive, countertop options. Laminate countertops are affordable options for homeowners who find granite and manufactured stone price prohibitive. Another affordable option is concrete, which is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and durable. Concrete kitchen countertops make small kitchens look modern and stylish.

4. Backsplash
This is a great place to show your personality. Here, you can use a wide variety of materials including granite, plastic, ceramic tiles, glass tiles and even countertop materials. Install painted tiles to add a fun and funky design in your kitchen or use glass tiles to create a cool mosaic.

5. New Sinks and Fixtures
New sinks and fixtures can complete the look of your small kitchen. Stainless steel, a timeless option for a kitchen sink, requires very little upkeep. Update your kitchen fixtures and make doing dishes and preparing meals in your renovated kitchen an enjoyable experience.

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5 Markets In Montreal Where You Can Buy Organic Foods

Montreal is known as a foodie’s paradise. With its European charm and diverse cultural mix, Canada’s second-largest city offers a particularly rich array of menu choices for food lovers. For those who prefer to buy organic, this includes a wide variety of vendors that sell fresh, local and certified organic foods. Whether you’re a local who is ready to go organic, or an organic-loving visitor staying in one of Montreal’s beautiful hotels or luxurious short term rentals, this list of markets will help you keep your refrigerator stocked with the natural, nutritious foods you crave.

Marché Tau

When the first Marché Tau grocery store opened its doors in 1978, it had the distinction of being the only health food store in Montreal. Marché Tau has since opened a very successful chain of stores throughout the city, offering a large selection of certified organic groceries, natural cosmetics and eco-friendly household products.

Le Frigo Vert

This small, hip co-op run by Concordia University students offers organic fruits, vegetables, bulk staples, ready-to-go meals, baked goods and personal care products. This market is non-profit, so when Le Frigo Vert finds itself in the black, they lower their prices.

Supermarché PA

Known for its very affordable prices, Supermarché PA offers a wide selection of organic fruits and vegetable, meats, poultry and seafood at its three Montreal locations. For a small fee, delivery is available to your home, hotel or furnished apartment for all orders over $30.


Montreal’s only all-organic grocery store, Ecollegey believes that fresh and local don’t have to equal expensive. They work with local Quebec farmers to provide organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, poultry and seafood. Ecollegey offers free delivery throughout the Island of Montreal on all grocery orders above $80.

Marché Jean-Talon

Montreal has several beloved public markets, the most famous being the vast and varied Jean-Talon Market, which was founded in 1933. Located in the heart of Little Italy, this all-season market is teeming with vendors selling a scrumptious variety of organic fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, maple products and honeys. The lively atmosphere is as enticing as the artisanal goodies.

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7 types of foods to prevent car sickness when you travel

The next time you plan an extended road trip, while you’re scoping out car dealerships in Vancouver in order to have a safe, reliable ride, make sure you take care of all of the rest of the details as well. An organized trip is much more likely to be a satisfying experience when you are prepared. That includes warding off dreaded car sickness while you travel. Pay attention to 7 types of foods that can actually prevent car sickness, helping you to settle your stomach while you are on the road.

Keep Crackers on Hand
Be sure to have a box of bland, dry crackers the next time you are going to be in the car for a lengthy drive. At the first hint of car sickness, eat a few to stave off the worst and avoid bouts of vomiting.

Try Ginger Root
Whether you slice up some fresh ginger root or make yourself a fresh batch of tea, chew on a little or take a sip about an hour before you hit the road. You could head that motion sickness off at the pass. Pack both in the car in case you need to take action during the drive.

Olives Could Do the Trick
You might think that olives are a rather strange solution to car sickness, but they actually keep you from salivating as often. The less saliva you produce, the less likely you are to vomit. Eat a few before you leave and pop some olives during the drive.

Lick a Lemon
Pack a baggie with some slices of fresh lemon. When that car sickness is creeping up, suck on a slice and your stomach should begin to feel more settled.

Avoid Spicy Foods
You may love spicy foods, but they will not love you when you are driving. Avoid this type of food before you leave and skip it while you are on the road to give your stomach a fighting chance.

Sip a Carbonated Drink
Taking small sips of a carbonated drink can be helpful as well on the drive. Light sodas, such as ginger ale or a lemon-lime variety could calm an upset stomach.

Pop a Mint
Mint candy, or mint gum, can be helpful as well when car sickness strikes. Always have some spearmint or peppermint on hand. Chewing on fresh leaves could be the answer as well.

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Should you translate your food blog in multiple languages to reach new audiences ?

Food blogs have increased in popularity in recent years. This is leading to more competition for traffic between bloggers. Something that should always be considered is using a service to translate the food blog into different languages. Maintaining a food blog with postings in multiple languages will expand the potential number of readers every day. Professional translation services also make certain that the integrity and meaning of every posting on the blog is maintained regardless of language. There are several reasons why it is important to translate food blogs into multiple languages to reach new audiences.

Translated food blog template

Blogs about Food Require Precise Wording

The language used to communicate culinary ideas, concepts and ingredients is sometimes confusing and requires precise wording. The common culinary vocabulary in one country could involve terms from many random languages. Some languages use completely different terms for ingredients or cooking processes. Professional translation is necessary in order to get the widest audience possible for a blog. Translators can convert posts about food into meaningful texts in any language that provide readers with real information. They can also take the time to translate cooking instructions so that they are clear and accurate.

Food Blog

Overcome Some Common Technical Hurdles to Reach New Audiences

The reality is that a food blog in a single language faces some technical hurdles in order to reach people in markets using a foreign language. An increasing number of search engines and even browsers are starting to exclude websites from results that are not in the language of the user. This means a person speaking one language might never see a food blog written in another language. This can make acquiring new traffic much more difficult. Professional services like those at can open up new market segments by translating a blog into multiple languages. These translated pages will appear readily to people in other countries or with language-based search settings.

Automatic Translations Do Not Always Work Well

Some food bloggers are relying on visitors to use automatic translators to read postings. This inconveniences site visitors. Automatic translations can also cause a number of serious problems. A typical food blog could contain culinary terms from several different languages. An automatic translator could turn these into mistranslations that make no sense and leave the blog unreadable. Additionally, automatic translations could create offensive phrases from culinary terms. Using professional translation services will ensure that an entire blog reads naturally and in the way that was intended by the author.

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